Everything's nuts in this realityverse.
Observation time is over.
It's time for $NUTS to enter into this NFTverse.
NUTS NFT image with rocket takeoff background


Welcome into a new NFT era, where $NUTS NFT empire will raise from nothingness.
Launched with NO presale, NO royalty fees, NO creator earnings, NO contract owner, 100% of minting income burnt.

$NUTS is the Non Fungible Token (NFT) from NUT Ecosystem (Nutcoin.org) and grants some advantages:
- Picture proof ownership for any use cases built on it
- Access to private clubs for $NUT & $NUTS hodlers
- Direct communication with NUT Ecosystem Devs

Contact via DM: @NutcoinOrg Twitter account, proove your ownerships & get access to your social benefits.
NUTS NFT image with volcano background

how to get

Ethereum wallet icon

Create a wallet

Download your favourite ethereum wallet: metamask or frame or enkrypt or another one (depends on what you like: closed/open sources, IP logs or not, UX/UI design, etc). Follow the instructions in the official wallet website to create your wallet and keep your credentials safe. Remember, nut your keys, nut your coins.

NUT coin icon

Get some $NUT

Either you're a lucky guy and already have NUT in your wallet, either you need to buy NUT from your favourite (de)centralized exchange. For more info, check: nutcoin.org/en/#how-to-buy. Then, transfer NUT to your wallet.

Burn $NUT to mint $NUTS logo icon

Burn $NUT to mint $NUTS

- Minting cost for 1 $NUTS NFT = 1,000,000,000 $NUT
- Fair launch & distribution: all $NUTS cost the same
- Interact with $NUT & $NUTS smart contracts to mint $NUTS NFT(s):
1) Go to 'approve' function on: $NUT Contract. Connect your wallet, set 'spender' to your wallet address & set 'value' to 21000000000000000000000000000000. Click on 'Write' button.
2) Repeat step 1) but replace 'spender' address by the $NUTS contract address: 0x88266f9eb705f5282a2507a9c418821a2ac9f8bd
3) Go to 'mint' function on: $NUTS Contract. Connect your wallet, set 'quantity' to a value between 1 & 100. Click on 'Write' button.

Buy $NUTS on OpenSea icon

Buy $NUTS on OpenSea

If you can't or don't want to mint, exchange your ETH against $NUTS NFT here: opensea.io/collection/nutsfamily. There, always check that $NUTS contract address is correct: 0x88266f9eb705f5282a2507a9c418821a2ac9f8bd


supply: 10,000 unique $NUTS NFTs

NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Each $NUTS is unique & programmatically generated from over hundreds possible traits, including background, expression, accessory & more. All NFTs are unique piece of art but some are rarer than others and 10 of them (0.1%) are ultra rare, with minting ID set at each thousand: #999, #1999, ... , #9999. They are easily recognizable due to their transcendental look.

10,000,000,000,000 $NUT to burn, to mint all $NUTS NFTs at 0% Royalty Fee.
NUTS but true.

Special NUTS NFT image #9999 ultra rare
NUTS NFT image with exoplanet background


Progress bar 25% image

Phase 1: Activated if 25% minted

Make step by step videos for NUTS fam' to explain how to get NUTS NFT and how to wrap it into ERC20 (wallet creation, buying $NUT, minting $NUTS, wrapping $NUTS).

Progress bar 50% image

Phase 2: Activated if 50% minted

Update this website to add minting & (un)wrapping buttons for NUTS NFT by connecting the wallet here.

Progress bar 75% image

Phase 3: Activated if 75% minted

Start the CoinmarketCap listing process for NUTS404 token.

Progress bar 100% image

Phase 4: Activated if 100% minted

Release the zk game around NUTS NFTs with friendly GUI.


Nuts ($NUTS) is a collection of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with NO roadmap, NO formal team, NO intrinsic value, NO expectation of financial return. Entertainment purposes only.
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